Add a drypoint etching or linocut kit or both to your press order to get Free Shipping to the US, UK or Canada. From another country? Contact me and I’ll add your home too!

etching press kit
Pocket Press + Etching Kit
An etching press with an etching kit.
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mini etching press
Printmaking Kit in a Box

A Mini Etching Press in a Box

With this handheld etching press you can print intaglio, relief and monoprints. This printmaking kit includes the handheld pocket press, plus everything you need to set up your printmaking station at home or on the go. It comes with my handheld 3.5" x 2.5" pocket press , an 8" x 9" rubber platen (also known as the press bed), 2 8" x 9" felt blankets, illustrated instructions, and a large clip for clipping the setup to the edge of a desk or table. Watch the video below to see how it works!
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linocut kit
Ultimate Linocut Kit

A Linocut Kit for your Pocket Press!

A great add-on kit for your printmaking press. This is the safest and highest quality linocut kit out there. Not only are the materials non toxic, but it includes a custom made bench hook for keeping your fingers away from the linocutting blade. The kit also inlcudes 2 linocut plates, a linocut knife with 6 interchangeable blades, a rubber brayer, block printing ink, carbon transfer paper and 10 sheets of paper.
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Sale! drypoint etching kit
Drypoint Etching Kit

A drypoint etching kit for your Pocket Press

Are you ready to start drypoint etching with your Pocket Press? I put this nontoxic intaglio printmaking kit together so you can skip class and start printmaking now. The set includes my handmade etching tool, (2) 5" x 7" plexiglass etchings plates, an ink stick, plus 10 sheets of paper and illustrated instructions that teach you how to create your plate and ink it. You will need a Pocket Press or other etching press to press your etchings onto paper.
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