Drypoint Etching Kit

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A drypoint etching kit for your Pocket Press

Are you ready to start drypoint etching with your Pocket Press? I put this nontoxic intaglio printmaking kit together so you can skip class and start printmaking now. The set includes my handmade etching tool, (2) 5″ x 7″ plexiglass etchings plates, an ink stick, plus 10 sheets of paper and illustrated instructions that teach you how to create your plate and ink it. You will need a Pocket Press or other etching press to press your etchings onto paper.



Both sides of each plate can be used. I recommend waiting until you are finished with one edition before creating a design on the back. Leave the protective plastic layer on until you are ready.Then, simply scratch your design into the plexi plate using my handmade tool. The plate is clear, so you can even trace. Just remember the image will print in reverse.
After you’ve inked up your etched lines, soak your paper, pat dry with a towel, and lay over your plate. Press using your Pocket Press. Don’t forget to add a Pocket Press to your order if you do not already have one.

The last two photos show one of my drypoint etching plates plus a resulting print (not included)


US orders arrive four days after shipping, and overseas orders take between 7-14 days from shipping. It can take a week to put your kit together. Need it faster? Just let me know.

Every press and platen comes with a 2 year replacement warranty from the date of sale. Send me a photo of the issue and I will send you a replacement part, platen, or press, depending on what solution is best. Contact me to arrange a return within a week of receiving your order. I issue refunds for the cost of the press and platen. I cannot refund shipping.

Please contact me at Diana (at) printmakingpress (dot) com with any questions or special requests.