Pocket Press + Etching Kit


An etching press with an etching kit.

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A Mini Etching Press with Supplies

Become a printmaker with this handheld etching press and drypoint kit. Use the instructions and materials in this kit to skip class and start pressing intaglio prints at the kitchen table. The kit includes:

A Ramelson etching tool. This tool’s twisted handle provides a comfortable, sturdy grip, and it has 2 sharp etching points.

Tarlatan cloth for wiping your plate. This cloth can be rinsed and reused!

Waterbased printmaking ink.

2 plexiglass plates. The 4″x 5″ and 5″ x 6″ plates are wrapped on both sides so both sides can be etched. Make sure you finish your edition before starting a new artwork on the unused side.

10 sheets of quick soak vellum paper for your edition or test runs.

5 sheets of Rives or similar high quality printmaking paper. Be sure to soak this paper for at least 10 minutes.

A pocket press. The press has 2 inch steel rollers that concentrate your strength. With this press set up, you print by pressing in overlapping rows.

2 felt blankets.

A 9″ x 8″ rubber platen for holding your plate in place while you roll over it with your press.

A clip for securing your printmaking station to the table.


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