Pocket Printmaking Press + Magic Platen


A mighty, small etching press

With a Pocket Press and Press Bed you don’t need a floor or tabletop press. The handheld etching press concentrates your strength by rolling over your plate in rows. The Press Bed holds your plate in place while you press with its unique non-slip surface.

What kind of prints can I press?

  • etchings
  • monoprints
  • linocuts
  • woodcut
  • letterpress plates

Like most etching presses, it’s best to use dampened paper with this kit.

What is the advantage over the Kit in the Box?

The Magic Pressbed setup can be used on any surface. Its printing area is larger, allowing for larger prints. The board is 12″ x 9″, with a printing area of about 10″ x 9″.

This printmaking kits includes:

  • A Pocket Press
  • A Magic Platen (currently available in black)
  • 2 felt blankets
  • instructions for use

See the video below!

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The small etching press is 3.5″ wide and 3″ thick and about 3.5″ tall. The press board is 9″ x 12″ and can produce prints from up to 9″ x 10″ plates. I’ve been able to press plates that hang off the sides a little, too.

This setup affordable and easy to store, especially when compared to a traditional floor or tabletop etching press. It can press acid etched plates, drypoint plates, linocuts, monoprints, woodcuts, letterpress plates, and emboss. This press is more efficient than a baren, so you can print an edition or set of cards about as quickly as with a standard etching press. It is the only device of its kind that can create enough pressure for intaglio and monoprint plates.


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Each pocket press and platen is handcrafted by me in my studio. Every small etching press and platen board is different because of this. I love this press because of the connection I feel to the plate and paper. My printmaking workshop students also appreciate this aspect, as well as the chance to get up and exert some force in the middle of class.

For US orders I use USPS Priority Mail and for international orders I use USPS standard post service.

US orders usually arrive a week after ordering, and overseas orders can take 3-4 weeks. Keep in mind if ordering outside of the US your country may charge a customs fee of approximately 20% of the item’s value.

Every press and platen comes with a 2 year replacement warranty from the date of sale. Send me a photo of the issue and I will send you a replacement part, platen, or press, or advise on the best glue to use- issues like a loose peg or a bit of rubber peeling at the edge can be easily repaired. Contact me to arrange a return within a week of receiving your order. I issue refunds for the cost of the press and platen. I cannot refund shipping.

The etching and linocut prints and plate in the product photos are not included.