What are the differences between the Kit in a Box, the Magic Platen, and the Registration Platen set ups?

The Kit in a Box and the Magic Platen set up are both good for pressing intaglio and relief prints using wet paper only. Typically, these kits can only press one color linocuts.

The Registration Platen set up is for relief printmakers who want to use dry paper and/or create reduction prints. The pegs make registration easy. All you need is a hole punch.

What are the advantages of a Magic Platen over a Kit in a Box?

The Magic Platen can be used on tables or counter tops that cannot be clipped onto. It has a larger printmaking surface area, and is easier to store and set up. It makes experimental printmaking processes like emboss or printing leaves easier because it is a firmer surface that better prevents objects from moving when the press rolls over them.

Can you press etchings with a Registration Platen set up?

Yes. You will need to use wet paper, and the pegs will limit the size of your plate because your press will not be able to roll past the pegs.

Do you offer bulk discounts?

Yes. Please contact me at Diana [at] printmakingpress.com.

Where else can I buy a pocket press?

Find me on Etsy and Amazon.

Can you help me with my press?

Absolutely. I consider it part of my job to coach customers on printing and give advice about supplies. Contact me at Diana [at] printmakingpress.com with any questions.