This small printing press makes it possible to print etchings, linocuts, monoprints, collagraphs and more without a bulky, expensive floor or tabletop press. Essentially a handheld etching press, the Art Cricket Pocket Press is perfect for all printmakers, from professionals who can’t always make it to the print lab to students who are just learning the craft. Unlike any other small printing press, your print’s size isn’t limited by the width of your rollers. These small rollers concentrate your strength so that you can press even the deepest etchings by hand.

This small printing press is not a baren. It really is a handheld press. Like every printmaking press, it comes with a platen for holding your plate while the roller exerts its pressure. The Magic Platen is a smooth, blue surface that refuses to budge when pressure is applied to it. The Printmaking Press in a Box comes with a rubber platen for holding your plate in place. Both kits include felt blankets, just like the big presses at the print lab.

Every press and platen is handmade by me, Diana. I’ve been using this press for 7 years to press all of my prints. I also teach printmaking workshops, and have taught middle school students, college students and even Skillshare’s co-founder how to press prints with my pocket press. Feel free to reach out to me with any printmaking questions.

Choose the best setup for you, and be sure to check out my other tools for printmakers. I recently added my handmade bench hooks, print drying lines, and mess-free drypoint etching kits to the shop. My items are handmade by me. Keep in mind that it can take from a few days to a few weeks to ship your order, depending on how many orders I have, and when my supplies are delivered. If you need a press in a hurry, please message me!