Pocket Press Kit


The Pocket Press is the smallest Etching Press

Update: The press has a slightly different look. Photos of the new, larger rollers coming soon!

The Pocket Press prints intaglio, relief and monoprints. This printmaking kit includes the handheld pocket press, plus everything you need to set up your printmaking station at home or on the go.

The Pocket Press now has larger, brushed metal rollers. Photos coming soon!

Each kit includes:

  • one 3.5″ x 2.5″ pocket press
  • a 9″ x 8″ rubber press bed
  • two 9″ x 8″ felt blankets
  • a large clip for clipping your printmaking station to the edge of a desk or table
  • illustrated instructions

Essentially a handheld etching press, the Pocket Press works by concentrating your strength and pressing in overlapping rows. Be sure to stand up, and only press forward.

I recommend starting with a water based ink and soaking high quality papers for 20-30 minutes. Refer to my blog for insight on using this press with a variety of inks, paints and substrates.

Watch the video below to see how it works!

I make each Pocket Press by hand, drilling and sanding each wood block before constructing and affixing the roller hardware and branding each press. I cut all the felt blankets and rubber platens by hand, too.

I strive to be a zero waste enterprise, and this may mean the color of your press parts or your felt will vary depending on which option is greenest. Your kit may arrive in a padded envelope instead of a box for the same reason- I always try to reuse packaging to save trees and cut down on plastic waste.

Free domestic and international shipping. Please be aware that overseas orders may incur fees at customs, and may be held at your post office.

Backorders. All listed presses are already made and ready to ship. Backorders are available for those who want to reserve a press. Backorder wait time may vary. Wait time for backordered presses to ship is not usually more than a couple of weeks, but this depends on my the speed of my parts suppliers and the postal service.

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Watch the video to see how to print an etching and a linocut with this unique tabletop press:


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